New Canon 7D….

Over the holidays I went to visit my parents at my brother’s place and got to play with my 20 month old nephew.  I couldn’t have asked for more and a white Christmas to boot!  While I was there I was also able to get my hands on my brother’s new toy, the Canon 7D.  He just got this camera and after slapping one of my L series lens on it I was off to play.  I’ve got to say, compared to my Canon 5D Mark II, the shutter was smooth and fast.  It was a pleasure to shoot with and the quality was on par with my Mark II.  I haven’t played much with the HD video on either but it was fairly easy to shoot with and use.  Added to that he ended up buying B & H’s kit, which includes Canon’s 28-135mm $400 lens for an extra $200.  The 7D body alone runs around $1500, but the kit that includes the 7D and the 28-135mm lens is just $1699.  I owned this lens for a number of years and can say that’s its a fantastic all around lens especially if you’re looking for something to use in all conditions and NOT break the bank.

If you’ve got the 7D drop me a note and let me know how you like it!

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