Perseids Meteor Shower

Decided to play with some long exposures a few nights ago.  Some were too long and some were not long enough.  It’s a fine line really.  Either way a tri-pod is obviously required.  I need to go back and re-read the manual, but I stumbled on a setting in my 5D II where with a Bulb setting you can set automatic noise reduction.  After shooting without it I can see how that would be greatly beneficial!  Here are a few shots from the other night of the Perseids Meteor Shower. 

Tear Sheets

Just updated my gallery with my Tear Sheets.  For those that don’t know, its fairly common for anyone who has had work published one way or another to build their portfolio of work that has been published in one location.  One way to accomplish this is with Tear Sheets.  The term comes from back in the day when you would literally ‘tear the page‘ out of a magazine, thus adding one more page to your tear sheets.

Long story short, this is where I’ve had my work seen over the years.   To view all of my Tear Sheet, please visit my Tear Sheet’s Gallery.  Enjoy!

In Stock Canvas on Sale

Between the Gallery Wrapped Canvas that adorn my walls as well art that has been on display at shows, I have several pieces that I’m offering at 10 – 15% off their normal price simply because I have them in stock.  Each piece has been signed and has been on display so there might be minor wear.  Please ask about a particular piece if you are curious.  There is a link below to the In Stock list.

Please take a look at the pieces that I have In Stock.  Shipping is included in the price displayed for the Continental USA only.  International orders please contact me for a price on shipping.

What color is your monitor?

So I had a trip early last month that took me to Arizona and Carolina for an event and a boogie.  When I got back, needless to say I had a lot of pictures.  About half way through editing these shots I realized that my colors were a bit off.  I pulled up an old image that I had edited a while back on my other machine and it wasn’t quite right, pretty good, but not perfect.  I pulled out my Spyder Screen Calibrator 2.0 and hooked it up to my new dual monitor Windows 7, 64-bit work horse only to find out that woops….it doesn’t work on Windows 7.  Off to the wonders of the internet and I ordered myself this:

ColorVision S3P100 Spyder3 pro

ColorVision’s Spyder3 Pro.  So you might be asking, why do you need to calibrate your screen?  Well, as time goes on and you leave your monitors on for days on end or beat them up here and there, things change and they need to get calibrated.  This Spyder device literally hangs over the front of your screen and a program runs showing off different colors and ranges, etc….The Spyder has a sensor that is reading the color as it’s happening and the program adjusts it one way or the other to make sure that Red is showing up EXACTLY as Red and not Red with a little Orange.  Once it calibrates each monitor it applies a Color Profile to each and from that point forward, the profile adjusts images being displayed so that the colors are spot on.

Make sense?  This unit is the pro version which is needed for dual monitors and goes for around $150.  For the average home user / casual photographer you can grab the Spyder 3 Express for around $90.