The AFF Story

A little while back I went to Elsinore and shot 2 tunnel instructors who were taking the AFF Instructor’s course.  One had about 200 jumps and the other had fewer than 50.  It was an experiment to see if hundreds of hours of tunnel time could replace hundred of skydives.  While I shot the two of the instructors teaching their students, the photos themselves tell the story.

Skydive Mag thought the same thing and create a photo tutorial of some of the shots from that session.  Here is that story for you to take in.

Lost Prairie Boogie

I have always wanted to go to the Lost Prairie Boogie put on by Skydive Arizona up in the middle of no where Montana.  Back in the day I remember seeing amazing pictures when team Monkey Claw went up there and had their fun.  Lately it’s been the crew out of AZ.  This time around Nick, Bill, Ty, Brandon & Amy from AZ came up to organize the kids and see what trouble they could get into!  This was also a stop on the Hittin It Again Summer Boogie tour by SkyVenture Colorado.

Montana is indeed a beautiful place, big sky country for sure.  The DZ is located in the middle of a little valley with literally a huge prairie in the middle where we land.  From freefall you look out and see a couple of massive clear lakes in the distance and the enormous prairie underneath.  I was lucky enough to get in some fun jumps including filming the Montana POPS record!

Take a peak at a few of the shots and CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE GALLERY.  And next year, come on up and join the fun!  It’s worth it!

Denver Arts Week coming up in November

November 4-12, 2011 is the Denver Art Week.  I will be displaying my work at SkyVenture Colorado down in Lonetree, CO.  10% discount during that week only!

SkyVenture Colorado is hosting my exhibition to emphasize the experience and beauty while skydiving.  Meet the Artist on both Sat, Nov 5 (5p-9p) & again Wed, Nov 9 (5p-8p).  Light appetizers and drinks provided!  Self-guided tours daily during DAW beginning at 9am.  Admission to the Art Exhibit is Free!

Chicks Rock 2011

Another Epic Chicks Rock at Skydive Elsinore along with a stop on the Size Matters Tour with SkyVenture Colorado!  The turn out was huge and the 4 turbine planes were starting to back up.  There was so much going on I didn’t even get to jump with all of the organizers!  Heaven and Hell was the theme this year and you’ll see in the shots below, the costumes lived up to it!  Looking forward to next year!