It’s Christmas Shopping time!

Black Friday has come and gone and you still don’t know what to get that skydiver on your x-mas list?  Well, let me suggest you get them something that you wouldn’t mind looking at either!  All of my in stock Gallery Wrapped Canvas Art is on sale.  Make sure to order early if you’d like it in time for Christmas!  See what is left by visiting my website and ordering online.

February is my month

I wish it was February all year long……Not only was I born in February, but the 2012 USPA Calendar is sporting one of my shots of Brad and Jenny Cole in the month of February.  We took the shot in early June around 8:15 in the morning on a clear blue day with snow still covering the Rocky Mountains in the background.  Thanks guys for getting up early!

Aspens in Colorado

October was a busy month for me.  I was literally gone every single weekend on this coast or that.  Over the summer I was really excited to get the so iconic aspen pictures this fall that help define Colorado.  Unfortunately we were having a warmer than normal fall and all of the trees were turning late.  So the last weekend in September was the last weekend that I could go and search out some nice aspens.  As luck would have it, we stumbled on a few and here are some of the choice shots.  Next year I’m hoping to be around more so that I can enjoy the changing of the seasons here as I once did in New England.  Aspens don’t quite compare to what New England has to offer, but they are quite beautiful in their own right.

Skydive Sebastian’s Halloween Freefly Extravaganza

Skydive Sebastian hosted their Annual Halloween Freefly Extravaganza this past weekend, but someone forgot to put the Freefly part in there.  Remnants of Hurricane Rina covered southern Florida and put a stop to all jumping with winds and rain.  Aside from a few hop n pop loads on Saturday, there wasn’t one jump to be had.

It’s a sad thing really to travel across the country and spend a bunch of money getting there to end up not making one skydive.  It does happen from time to time, but that still doesn’t make it any less sad.  With that said, the saving grace to this trip were the Halloween Costume Party and the Fear Factor Food contest that were held Saturday night.  Jumpers weren’t going to let the fact that they couldn’t jump get in the way of the party!

Here are some of the choice shots from the event.  If you’d like to check out the ENTIRE GALLERY CLICK HERE.

Again, if you’d like to check out the ENTIRE GALLERY CLICK HERE.