Rear Cover of ParaGear

ParaGear just released their latest catalog and one of my shots from the American Revolution Boogie was selected for the rear cover!  Yahoo!  Thanks guys!

If you’d like to see the original or look at some other shots from that event, you can visit them here.  And make sure if you need to purchase anything skydiving related, check out ParaGear!

Skydive Elsinore’s World Record Try Outs

A week ago Skydive Elsinore hosted one of the 2012 Freefly World Record Try Out Camps.  With only 10 slots for the 64 participants that showed up, we broke into 2 groups and were flying formation loads all weekend.  Most of the formations almost completed with back to back 30+ ways.  Let’s just say the level of talent that was in the air that weekend was impressive to say the least.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what the best of the best have to show in Chicago in just a few months time!  

In the mean time here are some shots from that weekend for your viewing pleasure.  If you’d like to see the entire gallery you can VISIT IT HERE.  Also, if you’re interested in ordering any prints, I’m still offering 15% off.  Just enter coupon code: NEWSITE15 at checkout.

Denver City Scape

I’ve been wanting to take a nice shot of the skyline in Denver for some time now.  So when I saw we were about to have a Super Moon coming up right behind the city, I packed up the tripod and camera gear and off I went.  The clouds were a little iffy, but when I showed up and there were already 3 others setup with tripods as well, I knew I was in the right spot.  By the time it was done, there were over a dozen people taking pictures.  Unfortunately the moon only peaked out between the buildings for few minutes, partially covered by clouds.  Before too long, it was lost behind the clouds.  Nevertheless, the night shots of Denver paid off.

For a few more shots or to purchase a panoramic, click here for the gallery.

New Product! Gallery Float Mounts

I am in love.  That’s right, I said it.  Once I saw the new Gallery Float Mounts and how they pop and jump off the wall, I had to have them in my line up.  Gallery Wrapped Canvas Art is still high on my list of favorites adding texture and character to prints, but the Gallery Float Mounts offer a cheaper alternative to framing and canvas and can stand alone in any environment.

What are they you ask?  They are regular photos printed and then mounted using a UV protected laminate onto a rigid MDF board.  The edges are then beveled down and sealed with a finishing tape and mounted on a French Cleat.  The Gallery Mount Floats away from the wall 3/4 of an inch and the Crystal Laminate makes the colors pop off the image.  Here are side views so you can understand what I’m talking about:

The French Cleat allows you to fine tune the positioning by moving it side to side an inch or two so you don’t have to mount it perfectly the first time.

Again, these Gallery Float Mounts and all other products are STILL ON SALE (15% Off) through the end of May.  Just enter Coupon Code: newsite15 during checkout and you’ll save 15%.  Visit My Gallery to place an order.