Hello PD….I’m famous!

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then I actually have a picture taken of me.  I guess that partly explains why when picking up the last issue of Parachutist I flipped right past a full page ad that PD ran with me in it!  Ok, maybe it was that and the fact I’m wearing a friends helmet that’s 2 sizes too big and someone elses rig, but either way someone else had to ask if it was me and I said….’Oh Yeah!  That’s IS me!’  Good times!  This shot was taken by Nik Daniel while we were jumping at Palatka shooting the entire PD Armada for future ads and other marketing material.

Both of these shots were taken while jumping Performance Designs new Optimum Reserves.  The shot below I took while flying a PD OP 143.  Not only is it a great canopy, but it can give you a real nice swoop as well!

It only took 16 years….but I finally did it!

It took 16 years and 4 attempts, but I finally made my first Balloon Jump.  I’ve tried several times over the years but wind, rain and clouds kept me from jumping out of a hot air balloon.  I hooked up with Michael at Life Cycle Balloons who took my buddy Stephen and I on a quick flight just north of Denver.  Looking down we found a nice high school field just waiting for us to land in.  Here are a few shots from that fun!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Stephen made a quick video of the jump from both his angle and mine.  Check it out!  Thanks for the jump, best one I’ve done in a long time!

Skydive Dallas….American Revolution Boogie 2010 / NEW Gallery!

The 4th of July weekend was spent down outside of Dallas, TX at Skydive Dallas for their annual American Revolution Boogie and state freefly record attempt.  If I was getting complacent about living in Denver and enjoying the weather a bit too much, a weekend trip down to a humid climate reminded me what it was like.  Just to make sure there was enough moisture in the air, and to give us a challenge jumping, a hurricane came ashore and provided both.  Nonetheless we not only managed to dodge the weather just in the nick of time and get a new 23-Way Texas State Vertical Record, but we got in some great jumps as well!

The deep blue sky with wisps of clouds provided the perfect backdrop for the jumps on Sunday.  The forecast for rain was a bust and we had fantastic weather.  What a great way to end a boogie! 

If you’d like to check out the full gallery of shots including the SkyVenture Colorado duck drop please check out my gallery of the event.  Leave a comment here about what you think of my new gallery website.  I’m looking for all the feedback I can get!  You can also get there via brianbuckland.com and clicking on 2010 Events under My Photographs.

Maternity shoot in Charleston

 There is a first time for everything.  This was my first time photographing a good friend of mine EJ in her new home of Charleston, SC.  Making this shoot unique, I was attempting to capture her embracing her soon to be status of motherhood.  She truly was amazing to work with and was so excited about becoming a mom that I can explain it the only way I know how, with photos.  You can see the love that she and her husband Kyle have for each other as well as their excitement about their journey into parenthood.

Best of luck guys! 

Here is my first attempt at some fine art shots.  Please let me know what you think!!??