Shootin’ and Drinkin’ with Living Social

Urban Escapes is now Living Social Adventures!

My friend Maia started a company not long ago based in NYC called Urban Escapes.  The idea was to create some fun filled day trips for young professionals and allow them to experience a little get away either in or just outside of the city, “Get out of the bubble”.  Well, her idea was a good one and before ya know it she was opening branch offices in other cities and then next thing she knew Urban Escapes was being purchased by Living Social!  Go Maia!

I was lucky enough to come on one of their first outings in Denver!  It was their very well received Shootin’ and Drinkin’ trip.  The idea is to get a group of around 15 people and take them to the gun range to fire all sorts of hand guns to be followed by some Whiskey tasting at a Whiskey Bar!  It’s very important to note that these things MUST take place in that order 😉  It’s Shootin’ and Drinkin’ not Drinkin’ and Shootin’!

Once all of the shooting was done, we got back on the bus and headed back to the Whiskey Bar.  Overall I can say that I saw smiles on just about everyone’s face!  Something about holding a Glock or an M1911 Caliber .45 that makes the day just that much better.

That was it for this trip, but keep an eye out for Living Social Adventures in your neck of the woods.  As they get more established they’ll have more and more trips showing up.  Everything from hiking to camping to rafting to shooting guns and drinking whiskey!  Thanks for letting me tag along!

To check out more shots from this event, please visit my events gallery!

Frittfall in Norway – New Tearsheet

Over the years I’ve put together some Tear Sheets of my work.  From time to time I update and add to them as I get new pictures published around the globe.  The latest edition to my portfolio of work is a magazine based in Norway called FrittFall.  They published 2 separate, 2 page spreads as well as a picture in their annual calendar that goes to all of their members.

To see all of my Tear Sheets please take a peak at my Tear Sheet Gallery.

The beginning….March Madness Video

When I was down in Sebastian for March Madness a few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to meet budding skydiver Jonathan Pears.  Many know him from his work creating Wake Boarding videos and his work with the Red Bull Air Races.  Well, some how Jonathan found out about the world of skydiving and while he is putting tons of effort into building up his jump numbers, he’s also taking a look at our sport through the eyes of a film maker.

Using some of the video I and others shot from the weekend, Jonathan put together this piece to wrap up the event.  We’ve been in contact since and I’m looking forward to seeing what projects we can work on in the future.

To keep up to date on his skydiving video work, take a peak at his skydiving website here:

New Social Networking tools in gallery

About a year ago I decided to search for a new photo gallery to display my work when I take pictures at events.  I wanted an easy way for people to navigate through all of the shots.  What I found was a service by a company called DPhoto.  While it didn’t meet all of my needs, (like being able to order prints directly from within the gallery) I found it to be far superior in terms of the flow and navigation.  It’s EASY to use and get around in.  And it’s sexy.  There is nothing wrong with sexy.

Just a few days ago they released some updates that I’ve already implemented on my site in terms of Social Networking.  You can now post individual pictures or entire albums onto your Facebook page with a status update.  When you put your mouse over the image, a little “f” and Mail icon appear:

On the album title at the top, simply click the drop down and you get a similar list to post the entire album.

When you select to upload to Facebook it opens a new window where you can choose to make a status update or just Send a Message to a Friend instead.

Selecting to send an e-mail generates a modal window where you can fill out the appropriate information and send away!

All in all the new updates look great!  I’m still holding out for 3 things that my events gallery is lacking.  1 – Being able to order and pay with Paypal or Google Checkout. 2 – Music while browsing. 3 – Folders, being able to organize albums based on year, location, etc….

If you’d like to give it a shot take a peak at my events gallery at and share some pictures out there and as always, please let me know what you think!