Last chance for Canvas Sale….

Just a reminder, this is the last chance to take advantage of the discount on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.  My vendor is giving me a break and I’m passing it on to you.  So who knows when the next discount will be.  Contact me below if you’d like to place an order. 

Click here for discounted prices.   And thanks for reading!

We know it’s rude to stare……

I had been living in Denver for just over a month when the 2nd Annual SVCO Mountain Boogie got under way.   I bumped into some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while along with a few of my sponsors, Performance Designs and United Parachute Technologies.  While I was catching up with everyone, Nick from PD mentioned that he had a little project he needed help on.  They wanted to shoot a rising star jumper, Angela Pudnez with the PD Pulse canopy, did I have any ideas?  Having the space for my home studio picked out I said sure!  Of course ALL I had was the space, everything else was still in the works, no lighting, no backdrops, no props.  So I did what any photographer would do, I improvised. 

The results ended up in the two ads below.  Of course I like the second one more…..but can you blame me?!?!?  I think it was a good compromise of not crossing the line but still leaving something to the imagination.  Something that a company like PD can appreciate.

Look for the second ad in this month’s issue of Blue Skies Magazine.  I’m sure it will turn a few heads….

Never stop learning….

I guess that’s a general lesson in life. Never stop asking questions and never stop learning.  I’ve found that whether I’m learning something for the first time like learning to fly on my head in the windy room just south of Denver, or if I’m teaching a skill that I’ve had in my back pocket for a while to an old friend, just being able to share one of your passions in life and watching them soak it in is an amazing thing. Watching someone take that knowledge that you’ve put out there, process it, comprehend it, and put it into action is a rewarding experience to say the least.  Most of the time, you end up learning something just in the process of sharing.

So when the rains came in to Elsinore this weekend and the jumping was called for the day, we headed down to Dana Point and picked up the cameras.  Class was in session, and why not take it out onto the water? 

A quick spin around the harbor and we managed to catch a few paddle boarders out for a go.  Of course I chose to shoot the shooter 😉