We know it’s rude to stare……

I had been living in Denver for just over a month when the 2nd Annual SVCO Mountain Boogie got under way.   I bumped into some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while along with a few of my sponsors, Performance Designs and United Parachute Technologies.  While I was catching up with everyone, Nick from PD mentioned that he had a little project he needed help on.  They wanted to shoot a rising star jumper, Angela Pudnez with the PD Pulse canopy, did I have any ideas?  Having the space for my home studio picked out I said sure!  Of course ALL I had was the space, everything else was still in the works, no lighting, no backdrops, no props.  So I did what any photographer would do, I improvised. 

The results ended up in the two ads below.  Of course I like the second one more…..but can you blame me?!?!?  I think it was a good compromise of not crossing the line but still leaving something to the imagination.  Something that a company like PD can appreciate.

Look for the second ad in this month’s issue of Blue Skies Magazine.  I’m sure it will turn a few heads….

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