CarolinaFest 2013 Revisted

At one point over the winter, they called off CarolinaFest.  The DZ manager who had been putting on the show for years left for new opportunities and the DZ Owners didn’t want to undertake the event on their own.  Well after a rather large outcry from the skydiving community, they canceled their original cancel and it was back on.  Turns out the DZO’s were up to the challenge and they put on a hell of a show!  For another year running their boogie had some of the best LO’s in the sport and some of the better pick up jumps happening all over the sky.

Thank you guys for deciding it was worth the effort to make happen and thank you for making this event more amazing than ever!  Looking forward to the next one!

So with that, here is a little recap of CarolinaFest 2013 that also happened back in June, but hey, who’s counting….

For the overfull gallery of photos, click here.

Carolina Fest 2012

I just got back from my third Carolina Fest at Skydive Carolina.  Every year I go I am taken back by how well organized the event is, how well run and how much fun it is at the same time.  James La Barrie deserves a Standing O’ for all of his hard work and lining up 22 Load Organizers and making things happen.  It’s a well oiled machine I tell ya…..

With that said, I’ve just posted up a Gallery of Pictures from CarolinaFest.  There are over 100 shots there and you can order prints and other products directly online as well as share the photos on several social media sites to your hearts content.  In the mean time, here are some of the highlights.  This years theme if you couldn’t figure it out, Hero’s & Villains.  (Photo Booth Shot coming soon)

Thanks for the jumps and see you again next year!