Hike up Mt. BierStadt

A few of us took a little hike up a 14er to check out the top of Mt. Bierstadt an hour or so from Denver.  The dogs came along for the fun and we all managed to make it to the top in one piece!  We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day in early October.  In a few weeks this will all probably be covered in snow.

Atif, Stephen and Jim decided to try their balance on the top of the mountain.  Sorry Atif and Jim, I think Stephen won. Of course you can’t hike up a 14er without a group shot at the top!

And last but not lease was my favorite picture of the hike on our way down.  I believe this is Olive holding a pose against the golden, grassy hillside with the deep blue sky in the background that just makes it all pop and come together.  If you would like to see more shots of the hike please check out my gallery here.   Thanks guys and can’t wait to get some shots on the slopes this winter!

My second wedding….

The first wedding I shot was for a friend on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico.  Saying I was really nervous before it all started is an understatement.  Yet once the camera was on and the action started, those nerves fell away and I was back in my element. I love taking pictures and when you’re in that zone it’s the most amazing feeling of satisfaction.

A few weeks ago I went up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to shoot my second wedding.  Jesse and Stine were getting hitched and I was asked to capture the event.  Jesse is my sister-in-law’s brother.  They couldn’t have picked a better location.

Being from Norway, Stine’s dress was handmade by her grandmother when Stine was only 16 years old.  It’s tradition to wear it during all of life’s major events including getting married.  It was great to see the detail work up close and attempt to capture it on ‘film’.

The campfire was light and the party continued on into the night.  Thanks so much for having me up there and I really enjoyed capturing these moments for you all.  However I will say that I don’t think I’m cut out to be a wedding photographer.  I can do the job, but I don’t feel that the passion is there.  For now I think I’m going to stick to the sky and continue to explore the studio.  So why don’t you hang around for a while and see what I come up with next!

Jumping in Lodi…..

***Post Edited per organizers request***

In early October I was at Lodi for another cutting edge event. However, during and immediately after the event I decided that this will be my last visit to Lodi unless several things drastically change.Please read on for more.

If you are looking for the post for the Ladies Lodi Sequentials please click this link!

I’ll pick up on my original post now:


As great as these jumps were, I do have to say that I think this will be my last trip to Lodi.  It’s a huge double edge sword for me, some of the best freefliers in the country are pushing their limits on a regular basis there and the jump tickets are cheap.  But on the other edge of the sword, in general, I just don’t feel safe there.  I like to think that survival in this sport is furthered along by educating yourself, never becoming complacent and at the end of the day, taking only calculated risks.  After all, we are hurling ourselves out of an aircraft and that is an obvious risk.  By following some of the Basic Safety Requirements those risks have now been lessened.  Why jump with just one audible device when you can jump with two, batteries after all do have a life span.  To be honest, I just don’t feel that it’s worth going to this dropzone any longer simply because of the safety issues that I personally have seen.  Those issues were recently compounded by the action taken by the FAA against the owner of the Parachute Center.  This is what the FAA knows about, what else don’t they know about?  Bill has not exactly had a stellar streak with safety in the past.  Between this action and other things I have seen, I would strongly suggest to my Lodi based friends to re-evaluate their DZ choice.  Look at the dropzone’s policies and see if they reinvest profits into maintaining their aircraft.  I’d rather not grieve over another plane load of friends crashing in.  It was hard enough the first time, I can’t image how hard it would be with an otter load of skydivers, especially if it was preventable.

I would invite you to comment about this and start a discussion on the subject.  Negligent Maintenance is Inexcusable.  Neglecting basic safety issues are inexcusable.  Am I wrong?  (Granted, at this stage these charges are merely just that, charges.  Is Bill the victim of a witch hunt? Please chime in and tell me how it really is.)  Once a verdict has been reached and negligence has been proven, how can anyone continue to support such a place and such a DZO?  Is it really worth saving $7 on a jump?  How can a DZO ground a jumper for doing a 180 degree turn and yet at the same time not connect the static discharge reel to the aircraft in order to ground it as the pilot is hot fueling the plane yelling at the jumpers to board the running, pilot-less aircraft?  It might be your home, but is someone else’s negligence worth risking your life?  If you jump there, am I out of line saying these things?  How do you feel about the situation?  Please help and enlighten me.

Ladies Lodi Sequentials in CA

On October 6th & 7th, some of the worlds best women freefliers converged in northern California at Lodi’s Parachute Center.  This was to be the first all Women’s Sequential event at Lodi which is known for their pushing the limits of freeflying and this event was no exception.

It was great to get back and cover another Sequentials event.  Everyone in the sport knows that if you want to see the limits being pushed in the realm of freeflying that Northern California is the place to go.  And this time it was being pushed at a Women’s Only event!

A great time was had by all and the jumps were impressive to say the least!  To check out all of the coverage of this event, please visit my full Event’s Gallery and enjoy.

Roughin it…

It’s rough sometimes….but living on the lake just isn’t that bad.  And after a long day attempting to sell software from home, it’s nice to walk across the street and enjoy natures gift…..

Human Flight…..

I might be a camera man, I might be a skydiver, I accepts certain risks every time I climb into a plane, but as amazing as this video is, I won’t ever shoot it.  Sure it’s got me on the edge of my seat and I only want more, but for me, it simply isn’t worth the risk.  But for those who are willing to capture this amazing footage, please, please, please…..keep it coming!

Phoenix-Fly: The Need 4 Speed from Phoenix Fly on Vimeo.

Studio Shoot: Drew

After seeing some of the shots I got with Amy a few weeks back, Drew was looking for something similar and decided to swing by and check out the studio.  We changed a few outfits and got a few shots that I think made him happy.  It’s funny how small of a world it really is, turns out he is a skydiver as well.  Gotta love it!  Looking forward to more work in the studio!  I should have some prices for studio session available next week.  Stay posted.  In the mean time please take a look at these pictures, leave feedback and let me know what you think.

Girl on girl…..

Meet Hoku and her little sister Sasha.  Hoku is just over a year old and Sasha is about 10 weeks old.  They are Blue Heeler puppies!  Why, what did you think you were going to be looking at?  Hmmm…..

Brad and Jenny brought over their puppy along with the new addition to the family!  They ran around the studio while I attempted to capture them at their best.  I’m looking forward to shooting more dogs, so if you have a puppy and would like some shots, get in touch!  Hope you enjoy!

Meine Sonja….

My long time friend Sonja from Germany completed her doctorate degree at a University there and decided to do an Around the World trip.  Some how I manage to convince her that Denver had to one of the many stops in her 2 month journey.  While she was here we talked about how the summation of her work was a book to be published about the late artist named Jeremy Blake.  She was on the hunt for a publisher and I asked her if she had any good head shots for the back sleeve of the book as every good author does.  Off to the studio we went and here are the results.  I hope to see one of these shots on a book one day soon!