Vertical World Record Video – Digital Download

Just an update for those interested in the Official Video from the 2012 Vertical World Record 138-Way Skydive.

You can now download an HD version of the video online for only $4.99.  Download now.  We are also shipping the first batch of DVD’s.

We wanted to tell a story, a story about making a world record skydive. We interviewed the organizers, the jumpers and the camera men. We filmed on the ground, in the planes and in the air. They talked about the energy, that good energy when people unite together to accomplish a common goal. They talked about the heartache when something you’re striving for is so close it’s within your graspe only to be denied, then how you pick yourself up and you do it again and again until you get it done. This is the story of the 138-Way through the eyes of the people on it. In this 33 minute documentary film, the curtains have been pulled back and you can see how things work behind the scenes and how skydivers triumph over the obsticles in their paths.

Watch it. If you like what you see, share this post and spread the story of an amazing accomplishment.

Thank you English Jon for doing all the hard work and making this a reality!

To order Prints, Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Gallery Float Mounts, DVD’s or to download the digital version of this video, please visit:

Skydive Elsinore’s World Record Try Outs

A week ago Skydive Elsinore hosted one of the 2012 Freefly World Record Try Out Camps.  With only 10 slots for the 64 participants that showed up, we broke into 2 groups and were flying formation loads all weekend.  Most of the formations almost completed with back to back 30+ ways.  Let’s just say the level of talent that was in the air that weekend was impressive to say the least.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what the best of the best have to show in Chicago in just a few months time!  

In the mean time here are some shots from that weekend for your viewing pleasure.  If you’d like to see the entire gallery you can VISIT IT HERE.  Also, if you’re interested in ordering any prints, I’m still offering 15% off.  Just enter coupon code: NEWSITE15 at checkout.

Skydive Sebastian’s March Madness

Another March Madness and Casino weekend at Skydive Sebastian!  This year’s event was dominated by the 70 freefliers trying out during the World Record Tryout Camp.  The record will take place this summer at Skydive Chicago and it’s an invite only event.  10 invites were handed out to the 70 jumpers trying out this weekend.  Along with the tryout’s was the Casino Weekend where the grand price was a free Micron from UPT.

Here are some of the highlights.  For the FULL GALLERY CLICK HERE.