Team Levitas

Jason Kane and Nathan Roth, both Instructors at SkyVenture Colorado have joined forces and created Team Levitas.  Keep your eyes on these up and comers.  Both just learned how to skydive this summer after mastering the tunnel and are looking to make some waves in the world of skydiving!

They recently invited me down to the tunnel to get a few shots of the team.  With the flat panes of plexi, it was a bit challenging to setup the lights and capture them in flight.  All in all I think it turned out pretty well.  See you guys on the podium!

Canadian Freefly Record Attempts

I found myself once again heading north of the board to film a Canadian Freefly Record.  I’ve shot a few of them over the years and it’s been great to watch them grow.  This year with the addition of SkyVenture Montreal, I was excited to see how the local tunnel had changed things for the record.  It would be my second time at Voltige just outside of Montreal.  I have fond memories of my last visit with the locals greeting me with open arms.  They might speak French, but there was never any language barrier.


While the event seemed to have everything lined up to make a nice 30+ way, organizers were caught off guard when some of the more seasoned fliers that had committed failed to show up.  With 27 participants there in total and some of the key fliers missing, the formation failed to build.  It was the perfect example of the need for a solid base in order to build off of.  Without that, the formation wasn’t meant to be.

While completing a 22 out of 23 way, a record was never set.  But the event was still a success as it helped bring a lot of the local tunnel fliers up to speed with formation loads, big way flying and much, much more.  All in all it was another great time at Voltige and I’m looking forward to return.

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Photo By Brian

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SummerFest X

Skydive Chicago celebrated their 10th Annual SummerFest this past weekend.  Not to be out done, they lived up to their’s recent ranking as #1 for several categories in Blue Skies Magazine’s 2011 DZ Awards.  Their honorable mention for best fireworks during SummerFest were kicked off with a UFO jump and a guy blowing himself up in a car.  You had to be there to get the full picture, but there was literally a large mushroom cloud and a guy jumping from the car engulfed in flames.  This is not even an exaggeration.

That said, the jumps Friday were basically big ways up to 45 people and 2 planes.  Gotta love a pick up 45 way!  Saturday’s jumps were smaller groups pushing the limits with organizers like David G and Luis!  If you’d like to skip STRAIGHT TO THE FULL GALLERY CLICK HERE.

The fireworks show was once again, over the top.  It was immediately followed by a champagne toast at the tiki bar with DJ Rook spraying the crowd and then spinning the night away!  The dancing was topped off with some lanterns from Whitney to bring people together and create an amazing scene in the night’s sky.  Until next year!