What have I done…..Spread the Magazines – A Proposal

It was that time of year again. Proposal time. Every year or two it’s good to create a proposal and send it to the manufactures in order to secure sponsorship. How would I make this proposal stand out and paint the image I wanted them to see. It’s always a challenge attempting to paint yourself in a great light, pat yourself on your back but at the same time do it in a way that isn’t egotistical. I’d like to think I’m a modest person, so proposals have always been a challenge for me. This year was no different.

As most of you know, my main focus is photography. And the most important thing to someone who is sponsoring you is being seen. How have I been seen? I started to list out all of the magazines I’ve been printed in over the years. The list was rather long. I turned to my bookshelf next to my desk where I keep all of the proof copies of every magazine I’ve ever had images printed in and I got an idea…..

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words……
(since this shot was taken I’ve added 1 cover and at least 5 more magazines)

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