27 November 2013

Christmas ideas? Calendar times 2!!!

It's closing in on that time of year again where you have to figure out what to get that special someone who jumps out of planes all the time.  Why not grab them a copy of the latest USPA 2014 Calendar!  I was fortunate enough to have 2 months this year using photos I took from boogies across the USA.  It's the perfect thing for the office to day dream the day away!

19 November 2013

The California State Vertical Record

Last weekend I flew out to California to film the California State Vertical Record at Skydive Perris.  SoCal Converge (National and World Champs) were hosting the event and invited over a 100 of their closest friends to build a massive formation over the skies of Perris Valley.  The first day of the event started off great with 100+ ways as the jumpers were flying their slots but only some were picking up their grips.  Then the weather gods decided to not shine on us and Friday & Saturday were weathered out due to clouds.  Living in Boston now, I only had the opportunity to get on the first jump of the day on Sunday.  Unfortunately they didn't get it and I was off to fly home along with several of the other jumpers.  A few jumps later after many people left and the ax was swung, they narrowed it down to a 64-Way and secured new Cali State Record. Photographer Iwan van der Schoor was still on hand and captured this great shot.  I just wish I could have been there to take the photo of it.  That said, I did manage to get some great shots over the weekend.  Here are a few for you to peak at, but as usual, if you'd like to see the ENTIRE GALLERY, click here.

Looking forward to next time.  Thank you SoCal Converge for getting me out there.

Again, if you'd like to see the ENTIRE GALLERY, click here.

12 November 2013

Love the Canucks

I really do love the Canadians!  When I went up last year and took some shots of their Canadian Record, the CSPA (Canada's version of the USPA) decided that they would use some of the record shots to dress up not only their new Membership Cards for 2013, but also some wind blades at the 2013 Canadian Nationals.

06 November 2013


Well, that was exciting!  I've been wanting to cover another Sequentials event with the California guys for years now and we finally made it happen.  It all went down in Texas when they transported and rebranded the 8th BIGZ Sequentials 2013 to Houston!  Over 40 amazing fliers converged on the DZ and danced away the days in the sky.

THANK YOU MX, Dona, the Mikes, Alana & Stephen for helping make it all happen and inviting me to be a part of it.  So glad we can all get together and help do what Robby wanted us to do, push the limits in the sky and do what hasn't been done before.  Can't wait til next time....

If you want to see ALLLLLL of the images, you can jump right in and see the ENTIRE GALLERY HERE.

Otherwise, here is a sneak peak:

And just a few more that I have to share.  Robby's selfie on my camera the last time I stayed at his house and then him sneaking up under canopy to say hello!  Miss you Robby!


29 October 2013


When I was on Team Mandrin, one of my teammates for 2 years was Mike Wittenburg.  A few years ago Mike along with his wife and 2 kids moved over to Dubai and put skydiving as their main activity.  Since the kids weren't old enough to skydive, they were welcomed into the privately owned Wind Tunnel.  As some of you might know, the Crown Prince of Dubai is a very active skydiver and very much responsible for the surge in skydiving activity over in the U.A.E.  I was lucky enough to visit them in Dubai earlier this year and saw the kids flying, at the time they were Eight and Six.  Mike put this video together for his now Nine year old daughter.  Talented doesn't even begin to describe it.  It just goes to show what the no fear attitude of kids coupled with family support and hard training (and a little bit of ice cream) can accomplish.

Sit back, turn up the sound, make it full screen and enjoy what the kids are up to today.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can do next year!

Nine. from mike

23 October 2013

Chicagoland Skydiving Center CSC's Annual Independence Boogie 2013 Revisited

It was my first time up to Rochelle, IL to visit Chicagoland Skydiving Center's new dropzone.  A few years ago they relocated from Hinkley, IL and built and entirely new facility.  I have to say that I was blown away by how nice the place was.  I guess if you already built a dropzone and had run a successful business for several years and then decided to relocated, you have the perfect opportunity to make things right and exactly how you want them and exactly how they should be.  CSC's vision for their new home was carried out in the execution of building that dream and turning it into a reality, they hit the nail on the head.  If you have the opportunity to go for a jump and check out the next big thing in skydiving, I would highly suggest you book your tickets and make it to next year's Annual 4th of July Independence Boogie at CSC!

To check out all of the pictures from the event click here.

15 October 2013

The AFF Story

A little while back I went to Elsinore and shot 2 tunnel instructors who were taking the AFF Instructor's course.  One had about 200 jumps and the other had fewer than 50.  It was an experiment to see if hundreds of hours of tunnel time could replace hundred of skydives.  While I shot the two of the instructors teaching their students, the photos themselves tell the story.

Skydive Mag thought the same thing and create a photo tutorial of some of the shots from that session.  Here is that story for you to take in.

08 October 2013

Blue Skies Magazine Cover Shot

If there is one thing that I really love seeing, it's my photos on the cover of magazines!  It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, there's nothing like it!  I still remember the first time I was ON the cover and the first time my SHOT was on the cover.  Both were amazing feelings of accomplishment.

So thank you Luna and Blue Skies Mag for making it happen!  Looking forward to many, many more!

This shot was taken over Jumptown where as it turned out, was Tube Day there.  Click here for some Tube Shots from that day.  In the meantime, enjoy the cover and make sure to get your subscription to Blue Skies Mag!!!

01 October 2013

New online Magazine: SkydiveMag

Once upon a time, Lesley Gale was the editor at the BPA's (British Parachute Association) publication, Skydive the Mag.  A few years ago she left there having gained many years of experience running a magazine geared towards skydivers, by skydivers and specifically for skydivers.  She had a vision of what she wanted in a magazine, but wanted a different venue, a new medium to share the stories that were happening in the industry.  As with most forms of print media, she turned to the web and has created a digital outlet for her vision. 

SkydiveMag.com was just released a week or two ago and is a new approach at story telling for skydivers.  Having had a good working relationship in the past with Lesley, she asked if she could use lots of my shots to help get her online magazine off the ground. 

So when you have a chance, take a look at a pictorial of flying over the Palm, or how to do a Wingsuit Rodeo or even how to fly with a tube for that matter.  I also have the profile shot for a story that was done on Amy Chmelecki and another story that was done on flying with cameras.  So take a look around and enjoy the new magazine.  Leave comments, share your thoughts and share some stories online with social media.  Be part of the conversation and let me know what you think of this new venture.

25 September 2013

CarolinaFest 2013 Revisted

At one point over the winter, they called off CarolinaFest.  The DZ manager who had been putting on the show for years left for new opportunities and the DZ Owners didn't want to undertake the event on their own.  Well after a rather large outcry from the skydiving community, they canceled their original cancel and it was back on.  Turns out the DZO's were up to the challenge and they put on a hell of a show!  For another year running their boogie had some of the best LO's in the sport and some of the better pick up jumps happening all over the sky.

Thank you guys for deciding it was worth the effort to make happen and thank you for making this event more amazing than ever!  Looking forward to the next one!

So with that, here is a little recap of CarolinaFest 2013 that also happened back in June, but hey, who's counting....

For the overfull gallery of photos, click here.

17 September 2013

Jumptown Ladies Record

To follow up with the New England theme of the last post, at the end of June I also visited Jumptown for just 1 jump before I had to run off to another engagement, also a common theme it would seem.  This jump was the first attempt for the new Massachusetts State Woman's Record that was set later on in the day.  The record was shot by Dave Bryce, but I played a roll as the second camera for this load and again, got to catch up with people I haven't seen in years.  Looking forward to getting back up there again soon!

For more pictures from this jump, click here.

09 September 2013

Tiki Bar Weekend

I think it's past time I fired the blog back up.  For those that don't know, we made the big move from Denver to Boston in March and to be honest, just got busy with life.  Nothing wrong with that, but this blog took a back seat for a spell.  So over the next few months I'm going to play a bit of catch up ;)  As I fall back into my old role of being a computer geek as a profession, I also found myself heading up to Skydive New England to sneak in 1 day at their annual Tiki Bar weekend, then it was off to Newport for Labor Day.  Unfortunately for me, that day was doused with clouds and the passing shower.  We managed to squeeze in a few loads before the end of the day so it was still worth it.  It was also great to see some of the regulars there after having not been there for ohhhhh 8 years or so.  Here are a few of the shots.

If you'd like to visit the complete gallery, please click here.

20 March 2013

Triple action Dubai style

Hello again!  Sometimes the world takes us away for a while and eventually we find our way back.  So it did with me after I got back from 2 weeks in Dubai and returned home to a new job and a cross country move staring me down.  Packing up everything there was to pack and giving more to Goodwill than I ever have, we traveled the 2,000 miles across the country to a little village just outside of Boston, MA called Newton.  As we settle in and attempt to get a handle on life back in New England, mail starts to trickle in from being sent across the country now twice.

As I started to flip through the magazines I saw that the Dubai shots I took were quite well received and I feel some recent publications are worthy of a post such as this.

First up, the cover shot of 90 Percent:

Next up was a matching cover shot from the March, 2013 issue of Parachutist!

And then I opened up the latest issue of Blue Skies Mag and I see an amazing centerfold!

The 2013 season is shaping up and I'm excited to see what shots I'm able to capture this year as the skill levels of the jumpers increase, so does what they are capable of doing in the sky.  I just hope I'm there at the right moment to grab a frame of their magic.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

25 January 2013

Dubai Sequentials

Just after Winter Festival at Skydive Dubai, they hosted an invitation only event called the Dubai Sequentials.  The goal was to engineer a really difficult dive and then keep at it until we nailed it.  Even if it took all day, that's exactly what we did, over and over again.  The results were some amazing formations, pictures and video.

Here are a few select shots from that event.  If you'd like to visit the entire gallery, please click here.

16 January 2013

Winter Festival at Skydive Dubai

Have you been Dubai'd yet?  I just got back from 2 weeks of skydiving over the Dubai Marina at Skydive Dubai.  What an amazing experience!  The event was Winter Festival and over 200 skydivers came and experienced all that is jumping over the Palm Island.  Not only were the skydives amazing, but the sensory overload after you open your parachute compares to no where else in the world.  Looking at the Palm while you're flying next to the buildings of Dubai is something one has to experience for themselves.

My trip was covering 2 different events.  The first one here is Winter Festival and the Euro Sequentials.  The second one that I'll post next week covers the Dubai Invitationals.

Here are a few shots from the trip, and for more, please visit my full gallery.

Again, for more, please visit my full gallery.