ParaMag Spread

The French Skydiving Magazine is ParaMag.  It is easily one of the nicest in the industry with it’s heavy weight, high gloss pages that make the photos pop off the page.  In their most recent issue I was lucky enough to have the centerfold shot from the most recent Vertical World Record. It shows the built 142-Way that is the current Unofficial World Record.

The cover is a shot of the record from above taken by Rolf Kuratle.  Once I got a closer look at his shot, I appreciated it so much more.  The bonus for me here is that I’m actually in the shot!

UPDATE!!!  The above shots are what ParaMag had posted online a few weeks ago.  Since then things have radically changed.  Kuri’s cover shot is not the cover and my shot is not the centerfold.  I just got the actual issue in the mail and instead they swapped it out and took BOTH shots and printed them on a pull out, double fold poster with each of our shots on a side!!!!  I thought I was taking it to the next level getting a pull out poster in Parachutist, now I’ve got double pull out posters in both Parachutist AND ParaMag.  What an amazing experience…..thank you so much!  Now, how do I follow this one up?!?!?

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