Blast from the Past…Project Horizon V

As I update my new website with galleries of events, I’m able to break out the old hard drives and upload events from the past.  Rounding out the 2007 Gallery is an event that we held for 5 years running.  2007 was the last year for Project Horizon.  Dave Donnelly, Dave Brown, Chris Salcone and Storm Dunker hosted this years event at Skydive Chicago.

At the time, Project Horizon was pushing the limits of freeflying as we knew it.  The idea was to get a bunch of the organizers and coaches from all over, some of the better fliers out there, and get them together and see what they could do.

Thank you guys for pushing the sport!  So glad I could be a part of it.  Here are a few teaser shots.  If you’d like to visit the entire gallery, please click here.

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