Sebastian’s March Madness Freefly Sequentials

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This past weekend was Sebastian’s Annual March Madness week.  Luis Prinetto and Scott (Plamer) Palmer held their Freefly Sequentials, focusing on Head Up sequentials and big ways. Friday was a warm up day with headdown flying followed by a challenging Saturday of Head Up flying.

The Big Ways lead to multiple twin otter formation loads where we built mixed head up and head down formations (Thanks Dave).  I have to say, there is nothing like taking pictures over the Sebastian Beach Inlet, especially during sunset.  The quality of fliers has been constantly improving over the year with the dawn of tunnel flying.  This event wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago.

Right in the midst of all of the fun was a Casino Night held Saturday evening where the grand prize was a free UPT Vector Micron for the person who won the most gambling!  Congrats Manuel!

If you’d like to check out the full gallery, please visit my events page to see all of the fun up close and personal!  See you at the next one!!!

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