Sebastian’s Halloween Extravaganza!

I just got back from this year’s Second Annual Halloween Freefly Extravaganza held at Skydive Sebastian.  With 4 freefly organizers and a Hybrid organizer how could you go wrong?  The turn out was great and the jumps were going off without a hitch from SDC’s N10EA.  I even had a nice surprise when I got there, a brandy new Katana 120 with a custom logo.  Now that’s how I like to start a boogie!

Saturday night the party was underway starting with the Costume contest which had loads of prizes only to be followed up by a ‘Fear Factor’ style eating contest.  7 people entered and only one would win.  Who could eat all of the courses and claim the prize at the end?  Everything from raw eggs to cat food with a dollop of Crisco to live worms and the finale of a live Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  Now there is a contest I don’t want to win!!!!

To end the event I climbed aboard a Bell 407 with some guys from Venezuela for a fun ride and then a great jump!  If you’d like to see all of the pictures from this event, please visit my events gallery here.

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