Carolina Fest 2010

After leaving AZ I took the red eye and made it to my folks house in South Carolina.  After spending a few days catching up with them I headed up to Charleston for a photo shoot with my old teammate and his wife, Kyle & EJ.  Being 6 months pregnant she wanted to capture the moment, and I think we did just that.  Pictures to that coming soon….

That following weekend I headed up with Kyle to Chester, SC and Skydive Carolina for their annual Carolina Fest Boogie.  Going from the arid, dry desert to the humid mid Atlantic coast is a shock.   But all in all the cameras didn’t fog up until right around break off time so it was all good 😉  Tons of people turned out, a few hundred pre-registered and all of the vendors were there with bells on.  There were tube jumps, flag demos in the morning, tree landings and even a state record set as the icing on the cake!

For the full gallery, please click here.  Incidentally I’m working on a new website with a much nicer gallery and easier ways to order.  Hope to have that up and running in a few weeks.

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