Great start to a road trip!!

Hey Kids,
Well, I started on a road trip on Friday the 15th with my 2005 Mazda 6.  The week before I went I had a 30k mile service and a few extras for the trip ($500).  So far I’ve driven to West Hartford, CT (Hey Dave & Erin) then onto Stamford, CT (What’s up Melissa?) and spending Saturday night in Brooklyn, NY (Lori…Love the place!)  Even got to see an old high school friend Nicole while in town.  Sunday I got up and drove down for dinner in Fredericksburg (Thanks for the tour Lara!) and then back up to Maryland to meet up with Brian and Laura.  On Monday afternoon I started to make my way to Roanoke to see my cousin.  I was in stop and go traffic just outside of DC on 66 when traffic came to a stop.  I stopped quick…looked in my rear view and saw a ton of room back to the truck behind me.  Cool…..he’s got plenty of time to stop.  Well, he had plenty of time to stop if he wasn’t rubbernecking another accident, by the time he turned around he was on top of me.  About 4 – 5 seconds after I was stopped I hear tires screeching and I looked into my rear view mirror only to see it filled with the grill of a full size flat bed tow truck entering my trunk. 
Ya ever see one of those pendulum things on peoples desk with the metal balls on a string…back and fourth…back and fourth?  Yeah, that was my car….the tow truck hit me, I hit the car in front of me, he hit the car in front of him……good ole chain reaction.  Anywhoo…..Since I was wearing a seat belt (Carrie!!!!) and my airbag deployed, I walked away fine with only a little air bag burn on my elbow and a stiff back.  Of course I had to climb out the window cause only 1 door would open…..but it’s all good.
So not letting a little thing like my car getting totaled stop me from my road trip….I went to Hertz and got myself…..well, a 2006 Mazda 6 😉  Why not right?  Only a day delayed I’m back on the road and onto Tennessee, Atlanta, South Carolina and then Florida for new years.
Anywhooo….just thought I’d share and figured you’d like to take a peak at the carnage!

3 Replies to “Great start to a road trip!!”

  1. Now why would you go and do a thing like that?! I guess it could be worse! Good luck with the rewst of that trip! and hope to see you sooN!

    Posted by E~ on 22 Dec 06 Friday – 11:10

  2. Glad that your ok! So how long will you be in Fl for New Years and where? I will be Sebastian from the 4th to 7th. DRIVE SAFE!

    Posted by Coffee Bean (AKA Jessie) on 22 Dec 06 Friday – 13:10

  3. Scary! Glad your ok!!!! Have a great Christmas and a happy new year! I'll be in Cape Cod for the next 6 months and then back to San Diego so let me know if your ever around. Have fun on your trip!


    Posted by Kerry on 23 Dec 06 Saturday – 11:48

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