21 May 2012

Skydive Elsinore's World Record Try Outs

A week ago Skydive Elsinore hosted one of the 2012 Freefly World Record Try Out Camps.  With only 10 slots for the 64 participants that showed up, we broke into 2 groups and were flying formation loads all weekend.  Most of the formations almost completed with back to back 30+ ways.  Let's just say the level of talent that was in the air that weekend was impressive to say the least.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what the best of the best have to show in Chicago in just a few months time!  

In the mean time here are some shots from that weekend for your viewing pleasure.  If you'd like to see the entire gallery you can VISIT IT HERE.  Also, if you're interested in ordering any prints, I'm still offering 15% off.  Just enter coupon code: NEWSITE15 at checkout.


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