23 August 2012

Lost Prairie Boogie

I have always wanted to go to the Lost Prairie Boogie put on by Skydive Arizona up in the middle of no where Montana.  Back in the day I remember seeing amazing pictures when team Monkey Claw went up there and had their fun.  Lately it's been the crew out of AZ.  This time around Nick, Bill, Ty, Brandon & Amy from AZ came up to organize the kids and see what trouble they could get into!  This was also a stop on the Hittin It Again Summer Boogie tour by SkyVenture Colorado.

Montana is indeed a beautiful place, big sky country for sure.  The DZ is located in the middle of a little valley with literally a huge prairie in the middle where we land.  From freefall you look out and see a couple of massive clear lakes in the distance and the enormous prairie underneath.  I was lucky enough to get in some fun jumps including filming the Montana POPS record!

Take a peak at a few of the shots and CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE GALLERY.  And next year, come on up and join the fun!  It's worth it!

1 comment:

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